MANIA GROUP, the controlling shareholder of Mania Jeans, and Fetish is expanding its activities into children’s clothing and is opening a new chain of stores under the name NOIZZ, a fashion network for boys aged 3-13. NOIZZ’s children’s clothing offers Total Look to the “kicking” child, which includes woven shirts, T-shirts, jeans, pants, jackets, shoes and accessories designed for the fashionable Israeli child while taking into consideration international trends and adapting them to his character. You can find a rich evening collection that includes tailored jackets, high quality fabrics and a European look, along with evening trousers in a variety of cuts and a variety of buttoned shirts that also receive design treatment and selection of high quality fabrics. The unique brand fashionable statement is that the impossible connections are also a unique and kicking fashion statement such as a combination of torn T-shirt under a jacket. A great deal of thought has been invested in designing the stores, in order to provide a unique, digital and fashionable shopping experience for both parents and children. This is an innovative investment and design in the retail world: the stores will include touch screens that allow different children’s games so that each child can choose the game he wants to play. Also, on the screens there is a camera that provides a social user experience and more. The network was launched in March 2017 and currently has 32 branches.